About Us

The Bidulz project took shape in 2005. Specializing in website development and illustration, the project’s partners are also actively involved in the world of education:

  • Illustrator Daniel Boulanger has worked on a number of edutainment projects, including the L’Escale, Énigmes au Musée du Québec, Plantes en danger, and Clicfrançais websites.
  • Teacher and project manager Isabelle Landry has designed and coordinated a number of edutainment projects, including the L’Escale, Clicfrançais, and Réseau québécois de l’ISPJ websites.
  • Teacher Huguette Rioux boasts over 30 years of preschool and school experience.
  • Trafic, a company specializing in Web solutions, has carried out a number of school projects, including the CD-ROM La Francisation: parcours de formation and the Clicfrançais, Réseau québécois de l’ISPJ, and École Les Bocages websites.

Their shared interests and involvement in the world of teaching led them to develop this project for teachers and students, while bearing four principles in mind:

  • Quality

    A lot of material is already available online, but educators are often disappointed to note that its quality is not up to scratch. Our characters are all of professional quality and are available in a variety of formats for high quality printing.
  • Originality

    Bidulz characters are both novel and eye catching and are perfectly suited to user needs. We have learned we need to be as creative as the students and teachers we are working with!
  • Complementarity

    Bidulz is intended to complement existing online image banks. We do not believe it would be constructive to go up against other players in the education sector.
  • Ease of Use

    Bidulz is easy to use for students and teachers alike. Our characters are extremely adaptable and come in regular sizes.
The Bidulz project now boasts 108 illustrations, the fruit of over 500 working hours.
  Copyright Bidulz 2006