Conditions of use

The illustrations on may be used free of charge for nonprofit educational activities.

Anybody involved in education (teachers, special educators, parents, and students) can use the site’s illustrations free of charge for educational activities (exercises, stories, research, explanatory documents, tests, posters, electronic documents, multimedia presentations, etc.), as long as the material is not then used, directly or indirectly, for profit.

The site’s images must under no circumstances be made available to third parties. They must not be altered, defaced, or used in any way that could damage Bidulz’s reputation. The illustrator’s signature is part of the illustration and must not be removed.

Although it is not mandatory, mentioning the source of the images used in your documents (Source: would be greatly appreciated.

All use of illustrations for purposes other than educational or for commercial purposes must first receive Bidulz’s written consent.

Bidulz retains sole ownership of all illustrations appearing on this website. Only the right of use is accorded.
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